Top 10 Benefits of Olive Oil

Olive Oil 2

Olive or “Holy tree” is a miracle of nature which grows on Mediterranean for almost 5000 years. Through the history, it has been used as food and as medicine. Olive oil is the elixir of health and longevity. Olive is a synonym for peace, glory, power, fertility and wisdom. Olive oil is suitable for external as well as for internal usage; it is extremely useful and can save us from a variety of troubles. Read as follows the top 10 benefits of Olive oil.

Olive Oil

  • Olive oil regenerates and tightens your skin. If you use olive oil regularly, your skin will become smooth and toned. You will have a great skin and even tone.
  • If you have dry skin, this is an irreplaceable “lotion ” which will replace all the industrial products. Lubricate your skin while it is still wet, because it will absorb better and then let it dry. The results will be visible immediately!
  • If you have a rash, itch or any kind of irritation, rub olive oil on the area and your skin will regenerate very quickly. It is especially suitable for sunburn.
  • If you have stretch marks, massage your body three times a week with this magical oil and stretch marks will lighten and more importantly they won’t appear again. Your skin will be elastic so it won’t be easy to crack.
  • Olive oil is ideal for removing makeup, especially for people with sensitive skin. Pour a few drops on the cotton wool and remove make-up. You will see how the skin will not be as dry as after some tonic, but hydrated and nourished. You can make an excellent makeup remover if you mix caster and olive oil. If you have oily skin, use more caster and if it is dry more of olive oil!
  • Summer is here, and you are looking for ideal sunscreen. We can help you with that, just use olive oil! Not only that you’ll get a fantastic bronze color that will last for months, but you will be protected from UVA rays. That’s because olive oil contains a high concentration of antioxidants.
  • Antioxidants contained in olive oil, hydroxytyrosol, and vitamin E, prevent the degeneration of cells, and therefore skin aging. It’s effective against removing wrinkles around the eyes. Gently massage the area around eyes with it and in two weeks you will see the change.
  • Regular massage with olive oil will enhance circulation, and by the way, your skin will be soft and hydrated. Oliveoilcanbe used as the basis for essential oils. Heat the olive oil and your favorite essential oil for a few seconds, and then give yourself a nice massage.
  • If you have dry and damaged hair, nothing can help you better than olive oil. Spread it all over you hair and wrap it with a hot towel. After the treatment, wash your hair as usual.   After just five treatments, your hair will be regenerated.
  • Olive oil is a necessary ingredient in your kitchen. It’s beneficial for the heart, improves metabolism, stimulates digestion and lowers blood pressure. Besides, it is very effective in relieving stress, weight loss, treatment of depression. Regular consuming of olive and olive oil will reduce the chance of developing cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and diabetes. It is suitable for the treatment of bladder infection and urinary tract.

All these are good enough reasons not to let your kitchen runs out of this magic oil. It will make you young and beautiful for a very long time ladies!

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