Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture – Combination Skin Review

Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture - Combination skin feature

Well, for the first time here, I am going to review about a face cream/moisturiser. I have combination skin and I have been trying quite a lot of products just to find something that relates to my skin. I have tried all kind of searches like getting personal feedback from friends and family, surfing about top 10 face creams for combination skin and personally trying out few products. In this blog, let have a look at “Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture – Combination skin”.

Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture - Combination skin Bottle


In my previous post, I had reviewed about Neutrogena Deep Clean Foaming Cleanser. Impressed by it, I thought I will give a try to Neutrogena’s other products. My requirement was for facial cream/ moisturiser. After doing some research on it, I purchased Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture – Combination skin. As soon as I opened the carton, I was expecting for the perfect face moisturiser for combination skin.

Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture - Combination skin Bottle B


Might be that I expected too much – I didn’t like the very look of the bottle. Just then I consoled myself saying what really is inside the bottle matters the most. I pumped out a small amount of the cream on my palm – was happy with the pump out mechanism – very hygiene and no spillage if kept in handbag. The cream looked like a lotion and smelt like ointment – was not impressed with the smell. As soon as I applied it on my skin and started to rub in gentle upward movement – it felt very oily. But in no time, the moisturiser disappeared and skin didn’t feel oily anymore. It gave a matte look and feel. I was surprised. Also my face stayed oil free for 3 to 4 hrs.  Skin felt very smooth and soft. On my first application, it did cause 1 or 2 breakouts.

Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture - Combination skin Result

On regular application, my skin got used to it and no more breakouts. It is also non-comedogenic – it doesn’t block the pores to stop producing oil – which is a good thing for the skin and will not cause breakouts.


1) Disappears into skin without making it oily.

2) Nozzle is good for pumping enough amount of cream for one application

Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture - Combination skin Nozzle

3) No alcohol

4) Non – comedogenic – doesn’t clog pores which can cause breakouts

5) Skin stays oil free for 4 hours, smooth and soft giving a matte look.

6) Can be used under foundation

7) One bottle lasts for a long duration, so worth the price. One pump is enough for one time application

8) Easy availability


1) Could have been in a more attractive bottle – looks like a container for ointment

2) Also it says fragrance free – ok but what is all that ointment smell about?

3) Though skin feels smooth and soft after application, I don’t feel fresh

Though worried about the smell and appearance, I liked the result the product brought about on my kind of skin. So, I guess, I will compromise on the cons for the pros. 🙂

It all depends on my mood if I want to repurchase or not when this bottle gets empty.

PRICE: Rs.299/- for 118ml.

Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture - Combination skin B

WHAT NEUTROGENA SAYS ABOUT Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture – Combination skin?

Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture for Combination Skin is clinically proven to normalise combination skin by moisturising dry areas while controlling shine in oily areas for softer, smoother skin.

Moisturises Dry Areas: Lightweight, non-greasy formula moisturises where skin is dry, without leaving it oily or shiny. Skin looks and feels softer and smoother.

Controls shine in oily areas: Clinically proven oil-absorbing MICROSPONGE system controls oil and shine in the T-zone, or wherever skin is oily for a natural, matte finish all day.

Wont Clog Pores: Oil-Free formula absorbs quickly and won’t clog pores, which can cause breakouts.

Oil-Free Moisture Combination Skin is:

  • Allergy tested
  • Fragrance-free
  • Alcohol-free (contains no drying alcohol)

Directions: Use 1 pump and apply all over face and neck. Use morning and night alone or under make-up. Avoid contact with the eyes.


Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture - Combination skin carton R

MARK: 3.5/5

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