Let Green Tea Keep you Young and Healthy


Green tea is a plant that comes from the Far East and it is the most popular in China. Because of the healing characteristics, it is unimaginable for people in China and Japan to spend a day without at least one cup of this magic potion.  They even have a saying: “It is better to spend three days without food than a day without tea”. Here’s some advice about why you should drink Green tea every day.

Weight Loss

If you don’t like to workout and to starve, and yet you want to take off a few pounds, Green tea is an excellent choice for you. Green tea contains catechins which help to melt the pounds,

reduce waist and bloating. It’s great for liberating surplus water that is unnecessary retained in your body and makes you look “fluffy”. Drinking Green tea every day will help you look skinny and be healthy.

Hair and skin

Green tea contains antioxidants which can help you heal your skin from sunburn and other inflammatory skin changes. It successfully removes redness caused by rosacea, and if you want your hair to grow faster, wet your hair 3 times a week with Green tea and wash it after half an hour.

Wrinkles  prevention

If you regularly drink green tea, your body will be full of antioxidants that fight free radicals and therefore slow down skin cracking and reduces the appearance of wrinkles. Green tea will make you look young for a long time.

Against memory loss

Tests and research studies have shown that EGCG, found in Green tea helps with improving brain cell. That’s why if you drink Green tea you will not lose your memory with age.

The mood

Green tea contains substances that will make you feel happier and be in better mood. It contains caffeine, so it can awake us in the morning instead of coffee. Caffeine is from natural sources so it will not cause you nervousness.


EGCG in green tea fights against all types of inflammation. It can not heal, but it will certainly reduce the spread of inflammation and lessen it. If you have sensitive gums rinse your mouth several times daily with Green tea and it will reduce the pain and redness and lessen other symptoms until you visit a doctor. Studies have shown that people who regularly drink green tea have stronger teeth that are difficult to break down.

Against cancer

If you drink Green tea regularly, there 12% less chance to get breast cancer. This is confirmed in studies in China that have been conducted in 6.928 women.

Lowers blood sugar

This powerful potion can help you in maintaining ideal level of glucose. Drink a cup of tea in the morning, and you will not have problems with high blood sugar levels, thanks to polyphenols and polysaccharides which are in green tea.

Against a stroke

Green tea have beneficial effects on brain, and thanks to the catechins, which are many in it, there is 30% less chance of getting a stroke.

Add Green tea into your daily routine. Invite your friends and enjoy this delicious beverage. It’s a perfect refreshing drink for hot summer, just add some ice, lemon and a few leaves of mint and your cold drink is ready!

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