How to Make Damaged Hair Shiny Again

Shine hair

Dry and damaged hair is a problem that each of us encounters at least once a year. Split and frayed ends, dull and dry, uncontrollable hair, are, according to the hairstylists’ recommendation, usually treated with scissors. But, dear ladies, if you like your hair to the point of finding it cutting unimaginable, there is a solution to recover it and save it from the ill destiny. Here is some advice to keep your hair long, shiny, healthy and seductive.

Wash your hair properly

The high-quality shampoo is one of the most important factors in high-quality hair care, especially if the hair is stressed after being treated with a hairdryer, Figaro, inappropriate brush or chemical treatments: highlighting, dyeing or perm. In that case use shampoo for damaged hair (Syoss, Pantene, or Garnier) and do not wash it more than three times a week. If your job or present situation requires of you to wash your hair on a daily basis, then choose a mild shampoo with natural ingredients. Never apply your shampoo directly on the hair because it will weaken its root. Pour the shampoo into your palm, add some water and make a lather and then rub it on your scalp and spread all over your hair. Be sure to rub it properly, you need to make it completely clean from natural oils and previous conditioner and other possible products. Rinse thoroughly. After that, you are ready to apply some conditioner. We recommend you to use the one that contains natural ingredients like olive, coconuts or avocado oils. Conditioner should never be applied to your roots or scalp because your hair will soon be greasy again. Also, it is completely useless to waste the conditioner. Its purpose is to make damaged hair smooth and soft, and your roots are perfectly healthy so applying it there would also be a waste of money. So spread it down from the 2/3 of the hair and rinse.

Make your hair mask

 If you have enough time, or can afford yourself to dedicate some time to your hair, there are some natural masks that will make you hair shiny like spring sunshine. They do require some time to be prepared but, unlike products that you can buy in the supermarket, they are much more effective and 100% natural. The best proof of their benefits is the fact that many of the celebrities who live healthy life prefer them over expensive products, which we all know they can easily afford. You can make these masks at home very easily and here are some of the recipes that have proven to be the most effective.

Olive oil and egg mask

This mask is especially recommended to the ladies with dry and damaged hair. Warm up five tablespoons of olive oil and add 2 scrambled eggs. Be careful that the oil does not get too hot because you should apply it to your hair. So make it warm enough to release its nutritious ingredients but cold enough to put it on your head. Apply the mixture to your hair and scalp. Wrap up your head with a shower cap or plastic bag and hold it for 45 minutes. After 45 minutes wash your hair regularly with some mild shampoo and apply your favorite conditioner.

Butter mask

 For this mask, you need only one ingredient – butter. Simply apply a little bit of butter on entire hair and cover with your shower cap. After 30 minutes wash your hair regularly with shampoo and, of course, apply the conditioner. This mask is especially suitable for hair with split ends.

Banana mask

This is a mask that will suit to everybody, to those with greasy hair as much as to those with a dry one. Mix 1 banana in a blender (or use a mixer1) and add two spoons of wheat germ oil, two spoons of yogurt and two spoons of honey. Wash your hair using your usual shampoo and dry it with a towel. Apply the mixture to your hair and cover it with a shower cap. Wash your hair regularly after 1 hour and your hair will simply glow!

Avocado mask

 These days it is more and more common to see products which contain avocado. This is because avocado contains oil which is irreplaceable when it comes to hair care. This especially stands for those dry and damage types. This mask is prepared easily. Blend 1 avocado and apply it on your wet hair. Wash it after 1 hour with some mild shampoo and you will find that your hair is soft and much easier to comb.

If you have ever wondered which of the mask in the world is the best for your hair the answer is simple: you will have to try a few of them and them decide what works the best for you. The only recommendation can be made according to your hair type or hair problem but each persona is a specific case and only trying outs can show which mask is suits you best!