Top 5 Best Ways To Get Rid Of Bags Under Your Eyes


Bags under eyes are something that affects the vast population. No matter how old you are whether you are in some mature age or still a teenager, man or woman, if you have at least one of the factors that cause eye bags, it is highly probable that you are going to get it.  There are many reasons for them to appear and here are some best ways to get rid of bags under your eyes.


1)     The first thing that you should check is your sleeping position. If you like to sleep on your stomach, it is very likely that you will get them even if you do not have any other predisposition. In that case, it is all matter of physics. While you sleep fluids run to your face and since under eye skin is very gentle it is easier to yield to the pressure. It is very difficult for people to change their sleeping positions but if you want your face to be pretty, you should try to form a habit of sleeping on your back. This is worth the trouble, especially because if this eye-bags appearance lasts for some longer period, it will become permanent.

Sleeping woman

2)      The most usual cause is taking too much coffee, tea or alcohol. Too much caffeine can cause eye-bags because it makes you absorb more water. That water goes all over the face, but it is the most visible on the places where your skin is the thinnest. The most dangerous thing in our diet is definitely salt. It collects so much water and causes so many serious health problems that eye-bags are just a tip of the ice berg. So, restraining yourself from caffeine, alcohol and salt and taking a lot of water, with enough sleep, or better say completely changing your life style, will result in beautiful complexion.


3)      If you do not have permanent eye-bags, but they just appear in the morning the easiest way is to wash you face in the morning with cold water. That way you can achieve two goals: remove eye-bags and improve your facial circulation.

washing face

4)      The most problematic one is genetics, some people get weight easier, and some get more water. Whatever the health heritage that you have, it can cause the appearance of eye-bags. If that is the case, there is nothing you can do to prevent it. Luckily, with some methods and persistence even that is possible to remove. The best way to fight the genetic appearance of eye-bags is to use a couple of methods at the same time. That way you can reduce it on a daily basis and decrease their appearance in time. One of the most frequently used methods is to put ice under your eyes. Take an ice cube, roll it in a cloth patch and put it on the eye-bag. You should keep it for a few minutes, as long as you feel comfortable. To prevent too much coldness roll it carefully and coldness will not be unsupportable.

ice cubes

5)      Funny thing is how caffeine can be our enemy and our ally, depending on how we use it. Taken orally it will make eye-bags, but if you apply it on eye bags, it can remove it. That is why frozen tea bags are one of the most popular remedies, especially black tea. Make some black tea and then put the liquid in the refrigerator and tea bags in the freezer. First, you can wash your face with tea and then put tea bags on your eye-bags. It will shrink them in a couple of minutes, and if you do that for a long time, it will permanently remove them.

tea bags

Changing your lifestyle and applying some useful remedies are the cheapest and easiest way to get rid of those annoying tea-bags. But prepare yourself for some marathon because they take some time. While you are waiting, you can find some interesting tutorials on the Internet how to do facial exercises to help the process or the best way to cover it by applying some highlighter.

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