Different Types of Handbag – Which One Is Your Favourite?

handbag 2

After a long break, here I am with the fashion hint. As I am an absolute handbag addict, I thought it would be great to share my perspectives about different types of handbag. Nowadays, nobody can be seen without a handbag, more than a fashion accessory, handbags have become an integral part of a women’s life just like TV, Cell phones etc.



Each type of handbag has been derived from a special purpose and so their names. So let’s see them below. Here are Different Types of Handbag – Which One Is Your Favourite?


1)     Baguette Bag – it is handbag which is similar in size to that of a purse – distinguishable feature is this bag is long end to end and has short handles from top to bottom

Baguette Bag

2)     Bowling Bag – this handbag was initially used to carry bowling balls but now it has come in the line of trendy handbags.

bowling bag

3)     Backpack – this is very common type of handbag among students – it has double handles and lies on the back – can be used on one shoulder or both.


4)     Clutch – this handbag is a purse without handles – normally used for parties and in the evening. Since it is without handles – you have to hold it in your hands as the name suggests.


5)     Cosmetic bag – These are used to hold all your cosmetics and toiletries – comes in various sizes based on the requirement.

cosmetic bag

6)     Envelope Bag – this is small bag – flat with a triangular opening similar to an envelope

envelope bag

7)     Minaudiere – this is small purse like mini bag which might be decorated with stones, dazzles etc usually used only for evening parties.


8)     Tote Bag – it is a large handbag with two handles and opening from the top. It has one main compartment.

tote bag

9)     Sling Bag – it has one strap to be carried across the shoulder on the back – one end of the strap is connected to the top of the bag and other end of the strap to the bottom of the bag


10)  Weekend Bag – it is normally a large bag designed to hold clothes and other accessories especially for travelers.

weekend bag

11)  Hobo Bag – it is a large shoulder bag with very fluffy or supple body – giving a curve like shape between the two ends and the handle.

hobo 2

12)  Satchels – is a very comfortable bag – also known as the postman bag. It has a wide flat bottom and had two handles and can be opened from the top.


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